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Accounting software with numerous customization possibilities

“The WizJurnal software solution is adaptable to any needs and industries. Our team of IT specialists will help you customize the WizJurnal accounting application in numerous ways.”

Integrated accounting software for Small and Medium Enterprises

If you manage a Small and Medium Enterprise (IMM), then you need accounting software that covers all financial and management aspects of your business.

Analysis of accounting budgets

As a manager and company administrator, you know how crucial it is to be aware of the status of all accounts and accounting budgets at any given moment.

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Payroll and personnel management program

WizSalary is a software successfully used for human resources management and salary calculation in our country.

Integration with electronic reporting

Designed to interface with SERVICII.FISC.MD.

Quick configuration

Meets the needs of companies in the SME sector, starting from 10 employees, and large corporations with over 8,000 employees.

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Program De Contabilitate Wizcount - Lanseaza Acum Afacerea Ta International


Flexible and comprehensive POS system for back-office operations management

Microinvest Warehouse Pro is a flexible and comprehensive POS system for back-office operations management, covering all areas.

Microinvest Warehouse Pro product series

It is designed to optimize business processes within companies with a large number of customers and products, such as restaurants, stores with one or more locations, bars, and warehouses.

 Microinvest Warehouse Pro Mobile

Application for mobile devices like Pocket PC, modules that ensure practically infinite functionalities of the application.

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Human Resources Management Program

The successful companies need a powerful computer solution for managing HR activities and recording attendance.

The computerized electronic platform

WizOne HR provides a comprehensive business tool for human resources planning and management.

Compliance with GDPR

The Wizcontabil team has implemented in this application the best practices to protect the personal data of employees.

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One of the key strategies of the Wizcontabil company

The goal is to provide all customers with the highest quality implementations and assistance for all products and services offered. Approximately 70% of the total number of employees are involved in customer-related activities, with more than half of this number being implementation and service specialists for integrated IT solutions.



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